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The Importance of Staging


Selling your home can an exciting yet stressful time in one’s life. There are so many uncertainties and so much time spent waiting for the right person to come along and feel at home in your space. This is where the idea of “staging” your home comes into play. If you aren’t sure of what staging is exactly or why it might help your home sell, we partnered with VNTG Home of Cleveland to find out more about all of the benefits!

In collaboration with VNTG Home, we had the honor of hosting a one-of-a-kind event at one of our listings. This Open House took place at 2715 Fairmount Blvd., in beautiful Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Guests enjoyed Hot Tea in a collection of vintage teacups & saucers, and antique teapots, provided by Secret Tea Society. To complement the incredible selection of delicious, freshly brewed hot tea, Chef Zack Bruell served up an arrangement of appetizers that looked as good as they tasted. CEO & Founder of VNTG Home, Megan Featherston, had this to say about the weekend’s festivities:


“VNTG TEA celebrated design, history and culture coming together in one of Cleveland’s historic homes. Through staging and design, the VNTG DSGN team celebrates the best features of a house to inspire and engage younger buyers. The transformation of this space allowed over 700 event attendees to truly experience what ‘Living Beautifully’ is all about.” 


Staging a home is a method of decorating that is designed specifically to showcase a home’s best assets. By decluttering, choosing neutral paint colors, and using furniture that highlights the functionality of a home, you help potential buyers begin to envision themselves in the space. With minimal personal items and décor filling your homes shelves, tables, counters, and cupboards people are able to imagine their own décor in the home and begin to create a vivid picture in their mind of how to make your house, their home. This task may seem daunting, for anyone who doesn’t happen to be an interior designer, but lucky for us we have the experts right in our own backyard!

VNTG Home, located in the historic Asia town neighborhood of Cleveland is your one-stop shop for all of your staging, selling, and moving needs. They offer competitive prices, impeccable customer service, and the ability to customize packages that meet your distinct needs. 

Staging can be a fun and exciting way to bring out the very best features in your home, helping to drive the value up and to ensure the right person becomes your homes newest owner. Enjoy the collection of photos below from VNTG Tea featuring one of our current listings in Cleveland Heights.

For more information on this & all other listings, please visit our website or email us at AdamKaufman@HowardHanna.com

Staging and Décor: VNTG Home

Landscape Design: Breezewood Garden & Gifts

Catering: Chef Zack Bruell

Beverages: Secret Tea Society

Realtor: Adam S. Kaufman