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Spruce Up for A Spring Sale!

Are you about to list your home? Well, that’s a good choice. Spring time is prime-time for the real estate market, especially in Cleveland! We’ve compiled a list of the top actions to take to get your house spring sale ready!

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1. Take advantage spring cleaning

Some of us dread spring cleaning, but if you’re about to move, it can be a HUGE help. If you start condensing the clutter, not only will be packing be easier, but so will getting the house show-ready. Take simple steps like cleaning out closets, cleanse the cabinets from expired products (food & toiletries), and maybe even pack up stuff that hasn’t been touched in years!

2. Add a fresh color perspective


Whether your walls have been graced by the presence of children, or the color just looks a bit outdated, adding a fresh, modern color can add value to your home.

In this season: beiges and grays! Neutral colors on the walls help your home sell, and allow you to have creative design freedom with the rest of the room.

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3. Check off everything on the repair list


You know you have a repair list somewhere…it’s time to get those repairs done! Spring is the perfect time to start fixing things, especially if you want to sell your house. The more repairs you get done, the smoother the sales process will be! You want your home in tip-top shape for open houses, and the potential buyers!

4. Liven your landscaping

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Curb appeal is so important when selling a home. And this doesn’t mean you need to have a big, expensive overhaul of your yard, but simple additions like fresh mulch, plants, and flowers will immediately add curb appeal.

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These tips will help you get your home where it needs to be for an easier sale, but even if you’re not ready to move, taking these steps will help you better enjoy your home!