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Smart House: Home Technology Trends


Home technology was once reserved for a high scale clientele. But with more products filling the market, and at a range of price points, home tech is becoming a main staple of home ownership.

The technology boom has no sign of slowing down as all our lives have grown more dependent on the use of electronics. There have even been talks in the education field of removing cursive writing and telling time on a traditional clock due to typing or texting and the digital clock. While the newest launches and perennial updates can feel overwhelming, technology certainly has its benefits. And they are especially prevalent in technology used in the home.


What’s It All About?

Technology can be used in almost any room in your home as well as outdoor spaces. To really dive into this technology trend, we will divide them up into two categories: the practical and the playful.


Practical Home Tech

Security systems are nothing new, but adding smart technology brings them to another level. There are different brands of smart locks that allow one to lock or unlock their door from a phone app. The days of asking the question “did I lock the door?” are a thing of the past with this technology.

Climate control monitors, like Nest Thermostat, automatically shut down when it senses that no one is currently in the home. This can work wonders on your heating and cooling bills.

Lighting can also be synced on a singular remote to allow for the owner to raise the intensity of lighting in multiple rooms at a time or turn all the lights off at once. Stay cozy on the couch watching your favorite show and let the remote do the work for you.

Playful Gadgets

Most of us have heard about products like Google Home and Alexa, which are voice-activated assistants placed in the home. But the fun you can have with home gadgets go far beyond these two.

Indoor plants can get the attention they need with options like Hunter Douglas Platinum Technology. The technology is built in shades and blinds and allows for them to be controlled from an app. If you don’t want to keep your blinds open all day, you don’t have to. Set a timer for when the sun hits your favorite plants and then close them again with a push of a button.

Have you ever written a grocery list and once you get to the store you know there was something you forgot? FridgeCam allows you to get a look in your fridge to see what you might have missed. The wireless camera fits on the inside of your refrigerator and allows you to see inside from any location.

Making the Smart Move

Integrating technology into your home is like anything else with home ownership: it is personal. You must see how these new advancements have the potential to work for you and your home. And there is plenty of competition in the marketplace to shop around for the price point you need. But like anything else in the technological world, there are always updates and advancements. An initial step to take when thinking of integrating technology into your home is to assess your needs and wants. Adding something new into your life can be daunting, so start with your basic needs and move up to fun technology that can enhance your home. There’s something out there for everyone, so enjoy the journey on making your home into a smart home!