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A Picture Perfect Listing

There are a few steps you take the moment you decide to move.

1. Think about what realtor you want to use. Is there someone you know? Maybe an agent in the family? Right off the bat, you’re going to start thinking of names of agents to use to help you find your dream home (and maybe sell your current one).

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And then…

2. You immediately start looking at houses online, and it can become addicting. You scroll through listing after listing, searching for something that catches your eye. And there’s something extremely important about the listings your looking at…the photography. Photography can, and will, make or break a listing. The photos need to catch your eye, and your interest, to get you into the home.

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Using a real estate team with a highly trained, professional photographer, can help you sell your home.

It’s All About the Angles

The listing photos are the first impression someone will have of your home, so they need to stun. An experienced real estate photographer will understand the angles of a home, and exactly how the photographs should look. Snapping a picture of the kitchen and appliances just won’t cut it. How can photography convey the feel of the gourmet kitchen, how can photography make you feel like you’re walking through the open-concept home? With a great photographer.

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Don’t Forget About Staging

You may not realize it, but most homes you look at online are staged. This isn’t a bad thing for potential buyers, because the seller is taking the opportunity to demonstrate the full potential of the home. Staging is especially important in a vacant home, you want to aid buyers’ “vision”. Photographers, designers, and a real estate team can make sure everything that needs to be in the picture is, and anything that may be distracting is out.

Make a Good Photo Great

A listing needs photography, no matter what. Your home will very likely not sell without photos online.

We Handle the Rest

With a full real estate team, there’s not much for you to worry about during the listing process. From taking pictures to strategically ordering and uploading them online, a real estate photography knows how your house should appear online, and they make it happen. If you don’t use a real estate agent, or a solid team, you’re juggling taking [good] pictures, uploading them correctly to whatever platform (maybe even multiple) you’re using, and making sure the listing looks good.

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Photography can make or break a listing, and great photography can sell a home. When thinking about selling your home, and looking for a real estate team, browse their current listings to see how they value photography and if their listings look top notch.