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New Year, New Organizational Habits

Organizing and decluttering your home is a crafty challenge that anyone can do. To take it a step further, think of the environmental impact you can make by starting to live a minimalist lifestyle. Especially after the holidays, our homes may be collecting an abundance of knick-knacks, treats, toys, and cards. And what better time to de-clutter than the start of a new year? Here are a few tips to help get you started:


Everyone’s favorite spot to gather as a family can also have a tendency to become the “catch all” of the home, inviting clutter and unnecessary stuff. Here are some tips to tidy-up this space:

  • Go through your cupboards and get rid of or donate items that you don’t use. Extra mugs, old cookbooks, that fourth pizza cutter that you have for some reason – if you’re not using it, let it go.
  • Keep items near where you will be using them. For example, keep your blender near the outlet or your coffee mugs by the coffee maker. By keeping things more compact, not only will you know where everything is, but you can maintain a consistent kitchen pattern.

Living Room

  • Coffee tables are great for entertaining and daily activity. But is yours functional? An ideal coffee table should have room for storage to hid your remotes, magazines or extra coasters. If yours doesn’t have extra room, consider purchasing storage boxes to place underneath. 
  • Rethink the space behind your sofa. Adding a cabinet or low bookcase will allow for extra storage space and help open up your floor plan.

Bedroom and Bathroom

  • Utilize the space under your bed to store bulkier items, like extra blankets or linens.
  • Take a good look through your medicine cabinet. Discard expired medications (but check to see how to do this safely, first). Only keep toiletries that you consistently use or find ways to repurpose them.

Minimalist Movement

As a good rule of thumb, take a moment before purchasing something for your home and really think “Do I need this? Is this necessary?”. Living minimally is a trend that is gaining momentum. That doesn’t mean you need to stop purchasing items for your home, it just means to be more mindful and creative in how things can be multi-purposed.