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4 Interior Design Styles to Consider in 2017

Are you looking to redecorate in the new year? Whether it’s a specific room or the entire house, a decor spruce up is exactly what your home needs in 2017. An interior decorator is a great resource, and typically has great vision, for your redecoration. There are countless interior design styles, but 4 to look for in 2017.

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Mid-Century Modern

The modern decor aesthetic is from a specific period of time in design history. Contrary to popular belief, modern and contemporary are not interchangeable.

HGTV highlights simple ideas that will transform your home into a mid-century modern masterpiece:

“Pops of deep colors such as orange, yellow, olive green and chocolate brown add to decor. An updated version of this look is found at stores like Jonathan Adler, marked by fun, colorful and quirky furnishings.”

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Traditional decor is heavily influenced by European style. According to Impressive Interior Design, traditional decor is often noted by:

  • Detailed woodwork
  • Carved moldings
  • Sturdy crafted furniture
  • Graceful lines
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The rustic aesthetic contains a lot of wood materials. The wood materials are often seen in their natural color and state throughout the decor. If you had a log cabin, this is how you would decorate it. Rustic interior design style is extremely warm and cozy, filling your home with natural elements that bring the warmth of the outside into your home.

Rustic is a good design aesthetic to combine with others. Adding a rustic flair to modern and traditional homes will rejuvenate your home design.

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The dictionary defines contemporary as,

“existing, occurring, or living at the same time.”

Contemporary interior design is an in-the-moment style. The style is ever-changing with the times, and what was considered contemporary a few years ago may no longer be considered as such. Contemporary style draws influence from varying time periods and from all around the world, although it can be tougher to pinpoint, contemporary style stands out with new materials and futuristic design elements.

From the signature wood feel of a rustic home, to the simplicity of mid-century modern, you can pull your favorite elements from these design aesthetics and make your home look its best for the new year.

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