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The Importance of Curb Appeal When Selling a Home

When it comes time to get your home ready to sell, you want to make your home appeals to every buyer that may walk through. You may paint your walls neutral tones or finally fix that leaky faucet you had in the bathroom. But what about the outside of your home? Believe it or not, curb appeal is equally as important when it comes to selling your home as the interior. Think about it, if buyers don’t find the outside of your home appealing, why would they want to see the inside?

Here are 10 helpful curb appeal tips from the pros when it comes to making your home inviting to the everyday homebuyer.

10 Easy Curb Appeal Tips

1. No Leaks

Make sure your roof is intact and free of any leaks, tears, or missing shingles. Roofs are a high priced item when it comes to home improvements, so if your roof is in tip-top shape, you can expect to see a good return on investment.

2. Get Your Head In the Gutters

Clean out your gutters! Nothing says poor maintenance than seeing weeds grow out of the gutters. You want to make sure everything in cleared out and all gutters are secured to the house.

3. Give Your House Numbers a Facelift

An inexpensive but great fix is to change out your house numbers. Most house numbers are under $20, but it could really give your house and fresh new look. It’s the little things that make a BIG difference when getting your home selling ready.

4. DIY Paint Job


Do you have any chipped paint around the edge of your home or windows? Be sure to scrape it off and replace with a fresh coat. This will give your home and windows an updated look without breaking the bank.

5. Is Your House Screaming “Wash Me”?!

One of the best things you can do for your home is to give it a power wash. Over the years, your home will collect a lot of dirt and bugs on it. With a power wash, it will look like you just replaced all of the siding without that added cost!

6. Polish Up Your Beds

When it comes to landscaping, make sure all of your beds are cleaned out. That means getting rid of all the leaves and debris. Next, dig out any plants that may be dead. Remember, less is more. A few plants and some color can go a long way. It’s actually proven that a good landscaping layout can add 7-14% to a home’s selling price.

7. Replace Your Squeaky Door

Have an old and squeaky front door? Make sure to replace it! One study showed that by replacing a front door on a $190,000 home could increase that value to $210,000. For a $2,000 door, that is 10 times the investment. Well worth it we’d say.

8. Time for a New Mailbox?


Has your mailbox seen better days? Time to replace it! Another inexpensive cost, usually under $50, can really make a bold statement in your curb appeal. It might just be the first thing a potential buyer sees when coming to look at your house!

9. Light it Up!

Are your light fixtures outdated? Time for some upgrades. Not only can you upgrade the lights around your garage and front door, but also adding some additional lighting around you new landscaping can really highlight all your hard work.

10. Add a Welcome Mat

welcome mat

Something simple? Add a welcome mat! This will be an inviting touch to your home and can make homebuyers feel welcomed into their possible new home!

Updating your curb appeal can be some work. But, if you stay organized and have a plan of what you want out of it, the return on investment could be substantial. If you need any ideas, always consult your trusted realtor. They may have some ideas of what works when it comes to what homebuyers are looking for in today’s market.