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Home (Entertaining) For the Holidays

As the holidays approach, you’re probably thinking about having family and friends over to celebrate the season. Several current listings have exactly what you need for successful holiday entertaining:

A warm, inviting, gourmet kitchen

Not only is the kitchen where all the holiday magic happens with cooking and baking, it also tends to be where everyone gathers to chat. A kitchen that is supremely functional but also warm and inviting is the first step to being the perfect holiday host.

A double oven, lots of stove-top space, and an open design make this kitchen fit the bill!

In this kitchen, your guests will have a front row seat while you prepare the food!

This gourmet kitchen has everything you need to prepare an amazing meal, while still entertaining your guests!

A dining room that will accommodate a feast (and a crowd)

Once you leave the kitchen, it’s time to sit down and enjoy a meal surrounded by those you love. These dining rooms give you plenty of space for all your nearest and dearest, plus a scrumptious feast!

This formal dining room treats your guests to a luxurious dinner experience!

The fireplace in this dining room makes it even warmer and more inviting!

This elegant dining room blends modern and classic styles effortlessly.

Ceilings designed for massive décor

A two-story (or more!) great room is not only a marvelous spot to entertain your guests, but will also allow for decorations of the most festive size!

Wow your guests with massive décor in your front entrance!

This warm, two-story great room is the perfect place for large holiday decorations.

This vaulted ceiling allows for maximizing your holiday décor merriment.


Nothing is better than cozying up by a warm fireplace with a hot beverage. And nothing draws a crowd of family and friends together like a glowing hearth. Plus, you need a chimney to allow for a certain holiday visitor to come by!

Everyone can gather round and watch the snow in this room while staying toasty!


This fireplace is the centerpiece of where your guests will love to gather!

A TV plus a fireplace makes watching holiday bowl games a touchdown!

Wherever, however, and with whomever you entertain, enjoy this joyous and happy season with those you love in a place that is home!