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Helpful Hints: Get Your House Selling Ready With Kids and Pets

You’ve decided to sell your home. The open houses and showings have started! It is an exciting time in your life, but the thought of getting your house show-ready can be intimidating. Having kids and pets can add stress to the process, but if you properly prepare it will make your life much easier. 

Here are some tips to getting open house ready with kids and pets!

Proper Storage is Key

If your home is equipped with proper storage, it will make open houses much easier. Everyone knows kids and pets generate a lot of stuff around the house. The best way to “get rid” of an animal or child trail is to hide their stuff away. Toys should all be put away. You can even make a start a game with your kid(s) to have them help pick up after themselves!


A Place To Go

Almost as important as getting your house show-ready, is what you are going to do while the showing is happening.

It can be unsafe to leave pets behind for a showing, for your guests and your pets. For example, if you have cats they can accidentally get out. During an open house the door can open and close many times, leaving opportunities for a pet to escape.

Having a plan for where to go can be more important than where you’re going. Some people often end up staying in their car with their pets in a nearby location. This is a simple solution if you don’t have a friend or family’s house to go to for a short period of time.


A Clean Yard is a Happy Yard

It won’t be the most exciting part of getting your house show-ready, but it is crucial. Picking up after your dogs in your yard will help boost your home’s first impression. Whether your dog uses your yard as a bathroom, or as a digging spot, the cleaner your yard looks the better. Read about the importance of curb appeal when selling your home here


Deep Cleaning

Do your best to eliminate any odor in your home from your pets. There are a lot of great products that can help you do so, it will be best to try some out to see which works best for you. Focus on the areas where your animals spend the most time – a mud or laundry room, where the dogs sleep, etc. 

You can always ask your realtor for advice and resources to help with getting your home ready for a showing. They understand it is still your home that you live in! The more time you dedicate to getting your house show-ready can help improve the showing and potentially help sell your house faster. It’s worth it to plan for showings and open houses!