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5 Tips for Staging Your Home with Style

Staging your home is an important part of the selling process that you don’t want to neglect. The goal of staging is to make it easy for your prospective buyers to fall in love with the space. Indulge in these five simple tasks and you will gain the competitive edge and attract the greatest pool of interested buyers.

19400 N Park Blvd, Shaker Heights, OH 44122
19400 N Park Blvd, Shaker Heights, OH 44122

1. Show off your Assets!

Do you have an impressive fireplace or a 5-star kitchen? Show it off by making sure it is pristine and free of clutter. Does it need a fresh coat of paint or missing an accessory of some kind? Restore this feature to like-new condition and make it the highlight a potential buyer can’t miss!


2. Lighten Up!

Show off your immaculate house (see number 2 & 3) by making sure all lights are bright and in good working order. From the bedside table lamp to the oven bulb, all lights should be brand new and on the highest setting. Nix the mood lighting; shadows do not sell a home so open all the blinds and curtains and let the light in!

8725 Sanctuary Dr, Kirtland Hills, OH 44060
8725 Sanctuary Dr, Kirtland Hills, OH 44060

3. Take out the Clutter

Less is more when it comes to staging your home. This includes everything from knick-knacks to furniture to books displayed on the coffee table. Create space by removing furniture and limiting decorative items. As impressive as they might be, displaying a collection of knitting magazines or a vast collection of antique spoons may turn away someone. Remain neutral and keep clutter to a minimum.

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4. Clean, Clean, Clean.

You know the commercial that talks about how you become oblivious to the odors in your home over time? The same can be said for all those little things we let go over time around the house. Those little things can become big things and those areas of your home you don’t use might be a priority for your potential buyer. Deep clean your house from top to bottom; windows, door frames, behind the fridge; move furniture and clean around, behind and underneath leaving nothing unturned! Leave your home with a fresh and clean scent by using an air neutralizing spray in each room. Be careful not to overdo it with a perfumey scent. Buyers may think you are covering up odors.

15 River Mountain Dr, Moreland Hills, OH 44022
15 River Mountain Dr, Moreland Hills, OH 44022

5. Curb Appeal

You won’t get to show off all the great work you did inside if you can’t get them to the front door! You only get one chance to make a first impression so mow the lawn, trim the hedges, rake the leaves, fix the crooked fence – whatever you need to do to make your house stand out as the best on the block!

Before opening your home to the public, put your best foot forward and consider staging. Following these simple rules just might take your home from “staged” to sold.