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20 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Transition Painless

Let’s face it- moving can be stressful! There is so much to plan and pack, that things are bound to end up in the wrong box or accidentally thrown out. But, with these helpful tips, a little organization can go a long way to ensure a smooth transition.

Check out these 20 moving tips:

  1. When packing boxes, write which room the box should be put; as well as the contents of the box. That way, you know where it should go and what’s in it.
  2. Use dishtowels or clothes to wrap up and pad your breakables. It also cuts down on packing space!
  3. When packing up your boxes, use different colored duct tape to identify where which box goes. For example, use red duct tape for the kitchen and blue for the bathroom.
  4. Be sure to give all of your appliances and bathroom fixtures a good clean before you move your stuff in. You don’t want to be cleaning and putting away your things at the same time.
  5. Even though it costs a few more bucks, hire movers; don’t use your friends. This way, if anything gets damaged while moving, the moving company will be liable.
  6. Do not wait until the last minute to start packing. Even if you don’t move for 3 more months, start now. You wont feel so rushed and stressed out this way.
  7. When you pack your kitchen utensils, use saran wrap to keep them from falling out of the organizer.
  8. Have pets or children? Be sure to arrange sitters for the day of the move. There is a lot going on during moving day and having pets and children away from the chaos will be helpful.  child and dog - pet
  9. Going through your closet and finding a lot of clothes you no longer wear? Don’t throw them away. Contact local charities to come pick up your donations. It will de-clutter your house, all while helping a good cause.
  10. Tie all cords that go to one electronic device together so that it can be easily found later. Use zip-lock bags to separate them in a box. Be sure to clearly label them as well.
  11. Put your hanging clothes in groups of 5 and cover them with trash bags. Push the hangers through the top and you have an instant garment bag.
  12. Not sure which room to start packing first? How about the kitchen. This room typically has the most things in it and can get overwhelming quickly. Knock this room off your list first and everything else will be a breeze.
  13. Did you have to unscrew a lot of things? Tape them to that object so you can use them after the move.
  14. Two weeks or so before you move, stop grocery shopping. You will want to start cleaning out your fridge. Chances are you will want to order takeout a few times because you won’t have the necessary tools to cook since you packed them away.
  15. Buy a pack of folders. You will want to have designated folders for your home warranties, titles, and any other documentation.  folders
  16. Keep all of your boxes under 40 pounds, if possible. This will help speed up the moving process as well as not throw out anyone’s back!
  17. When you arrive to your new home, pick one room that you want to set up first. Most people pick their bedroom so they can relax and get a good nights rest after a long day of moving.
  18. Don’t have any bubble wrap lying around to secure your items? Use stuffed animals, socks, or pillows to close any gaps and keep objects from breaking. stuffed animal
  19. Tape mirrors and other breakables to absorb the shock.
  20. Be sure to tape any drawers that may fall out during the moving process. The tape will keep them closed and all your items in their rightful place.

Moving can be a tedious process. You want to stay organized and ask for help. If you need any references for moving companies, your realtor is a great resource. Follow these 20 moving tips and you will be on your way to a stress-free move right into your dream home.