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Your Guide to Not-So-Regular Spring Cleaning

March is officially here, and guess what that means…Spring is also arriving! Now, that’s not usually the case in Northeast Ohio but with startling high temperatures and numerous sunny days, it’s time to start prepping your yard for its Spring debut. We know Spring means real estate fever but even if you’re not looking to move, keeping up with your landscaping and curb appeal is always a good idea. Here are some simple and easy tips to spruce up your yard:

Spring Cleaning


A good start to getting your home ready for Spring is, of course, Spring cleaning. Show your yard some TLC by cleaning up debris, pruning, and power washing those hard surfaces. These little changes alone will bring your home back to life!

Prepare the Soil


Don’t ignore your soil! There are three important parts to hit when prepping your soil: (Basics of Gardening)

  1. Area Clearing
  2. Soil Aerating
  3. Adding fertilizer or Plant Food

It’s beneficial to read up before treating your yard, so nothing catastrophic happens. For more on how to prep your soil, check out Getting your Garden Soil Ready.

Use Color


Draw eyes to your home with pops of color in your landscaping. Pansies thrive in cooler temperatures, and are perfect to plant in the earlier months. Using colorful flowers will bring Spring and Summer to life much earlier around your home, and who doesn’t want that!

Get With the Trends


 Mixed materials are IN for inside and outside your home. Use some natural wood to add depth and a rustic feel to your garden. Some ways to use natural wood are: bird feeders (like the beautiful, colorful one above), benches, garden structures, and so much more.

Whether you do one, or all of these ideas, your home will instantly look fresh and ready for spring. It’s little face-lift type tips that help keep your home in tip-top shape, so when you’re ready to sell it looks its best!